James Basdanis

James Basdanis is an electric guitarist from Volos which is based on the last 9 years the beautiful city of Ioannina.

He was a student of Stathis Chouliaris Leader of the Band Schema & Composer on electric guitar and classical harmony. He is playing as a professional musician for the last six years and for the third year teaches modern guitar with methods methods from the SMI. He is member of a historic band from Ioannina called Schema, founder member of Stichovoli and Programmed to Rock Project. Discography: 2009-Glykos Peirasmos song collection: with Emfani Garyfalla], 2010 Sick Enjoyment LP , 2012 Broken Angels Digital Single: with Schema About Bulk Strings: I choose bulk strings because they make the fretboard feel smoother to play and they stay vibrant as the first day of putting them on the guitar

James Basdanis

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