Bass player and Vocalist of the Greek Gothic Southern Metal Band BLOSSOM DEATH

Blossom Death

The band was formed in late 2018 in Varkiza,Greece by the former frontman/lyricist of Sorrowful Angels Kostas Katoikos, his wife Marita Makaronidi and the drummer Argy Deligiannopoylos. Kostas Katoikos is bass player and Vocalist of the Greek Gothic Southern Metal Band BLOSSOM DEATH was born in Athens in 29 of January 1981. He started to play bass back to 1993 in school bands until 2000. At 2005 to 2007 he started to sing an jam with local cover bands. At 2007 till 2010 he was the Lead Singer lyricist and the Co-Founder of Sorrowful Angel's in the full length album Ship in your Trip.
Kostas Supports Bulk Strings

At September 2018 with his wife and Blossom Death Vocalist Marita Makaronidi and with Artzi Deligiannopoulos and Manos Gonidakis in Guitars they create  Blossom Death and they achieve a contract with Sleaszy Rider Records. In December 2019 they released the first E.P of the band called Mistaken.  Kostas is the bassist  Frontman and the leader of the band .

A couple of days later the lead guitarist Manos Gonidakis entered the band when the frontman/bass player of Blossom Death asked him to come over his house and "try to play" the song I will remain from the American Southern Rock Band Hogjaw, that song was the reason that connected the members together to officially form the band.

blossom death

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