Kostas Chalatsis was born in Volos on February 16, 1984.

Kostas Chalatsis was born in Volos on February 16, 1984.
He is a self-taught and experienced musician both on stage and in the recording studio. He is also a songwriter and a composer. He has performed in important musical bands in his home town. His last band Brandy Soirιe (Brandy Σουαρέ), is an example of his most characteristic work.
It is a very special band whose performances are influenced by the retro element, balancing the principles of the old song and the modern sound in swing, jazz, funk, latin and rockabilly style.
Their debut album “Pagoto Kaimaki” released in April 2017 contains the band’s own original compositions in a daring rendering of Greek lyrics and their favourite musical influences.

Brandy Souare

Brandy Souare was created in the winter of 2012 by notable musicians with a long career in the field and collaborations with great artists. They began to play and consolidate their position, with successful appearances in music scenes and festivals in Greece and abroad,

Kostas Chalatsis

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