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Panagiotis Haramis was born in 1972 in Athens, starting his journey in music in his early years.He studied with Sakis Tamvakakis the renowned Greek musician and guitar - piano instructor.New horizons were opened during those studies as he incorporated in his playing techniques chords on bass and started using chord melody.He is also a writer and has published two books.His first book 6,564 ass Chords was published in 2005 by Philippos Nakas music house.
His second book Εισαγωγή στο ηλεκτρικό μπάσσο (Introduction To The Electric Bass) was published in 2007 under the same publisher. Worked as a session musician with many Greek singers and bands with live performances and studio recording until now.

Introduction to electric bass. Electric bass learning book-Technique, Exercises, Space, Scales, Single even measures, Strings music books for bass guitar  technique

''Bass VS Voice'' all about what these words stands for...A dynamic duo performing well known songs in their acoustic version using Bass and Voice.

Panagiotis Haramis

Nektarios ''Nekk'' Georgiadis_Vocal
Panagiotis Haramis_Bass

Panagiotis Haramis

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