Villis Kambadais Professional Sessional Bass Player Musician Composer and Bass Lessons teacher at Art Lab school and Euphono Music School at Xanthi.

I have been playing bass for about 25 years. My first studio experience was with Aggelos  Mourvatis and I have been recorded his first two albums.I studied bass with Lakis Tzimkas and later with Giorgos Fakanas.This period, I'm editing my personal album Hakuna Bassata.
Also, Iam working as session musician.Recently, i recorded for Ian's Logan album King of the twilight  (also playing Vinnie Appice and Roy Z).I am member of Direct band (prog band) Under Road (prog bad) Majesty (tribute to dream theater band).Now  i am teacher at Art Lab school and Efwno music school at Xanthi.

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Villis Kabadais from Greece! As you’ll see in the video below, Villis totally knows how to get both the low and the high end separated to make for some great bass sounds.


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