Babis Kaisas is the songwritier and guitarist from Greece

Kaisas is the songwriting vehicle of guitarist/bassist Babis Kaisas, from Greece. His origins come from the West Side of Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece. An area called Stavroupoli.His influences range from hard rock to thrash metal, and from pop rock, to classic music. Leaving the listener with a "progressive" feel to their ears. Babis was blessed to have worked with some great musicians along the way, in bringing his songs to life.Some of them, being even his musical heroes. His first serious attempt goes back to 2006, working under the name Zandem with none other than Alan Kelly, original drummer/songwriter with British band SHY.


That collaboration brought a few demos to the light, from 2006 till 2009.Babis formed his own songwriting vehicle, under his own name, in mid 2009, with the help of another British musical hero from SHY, singer Tony Mills.The name Kaisas was chosen, cause all the other names in mind, were already used, and since Babis was the man behind the basic ideas of the band, music and lyrics, it seemed logical.
The line up for the first Kaisas album, titled "Unify" was completed with the help of virtuoso Brazillian drummer, Acacio Carvalho."Unify" was an independent release in 2011, distributed by Casket Music in the UK, worldwide.Changes occurred before the release of the second Kaisas album titled "Degitalize". This time two Americans joined the bill. Singer Mark Evans of Heavens Edge, another one of Babis' heroes. And progressive drummer, Allen Brunelle, who at the time happened to play with Mystic Force, and actually tour, and meet Babis in Greece as well. Mark Evans, also toured in Greece, in late 2013, and caught up with Babis.
"Degitalize" came out in early 2014, through the historic Greek label Sleaszy Rider.
Since late 2015, Babis has been living, and working on finishing the third Kaisas album in California. The line up will show changes again. The album is awaited to be released sometime in 2018. Kaisas supports Bulk Strings.



Sleaszy Rider Records 2019.

Produced by Strutter, and Babis Kaisas. Mixed/mastered at Valve Studios (GR), by Strutter. Artwork by CJ Capelotti/Piotr Szafraniec.


Kaisas Unify



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