Born in the 27th of June 1980 In GREECE. He started studying music and bass at the age of 17...Mainly being a student of George Zikoyiannis,he has also attended many educational bass clinics by some of the best (such as VICTOR WOOTEN,JOHN PATITUCCI and JEFF BERLIN).

In 1998 established his first band "MINDLAND" and since the year 2003 released a demo tape "LAND OF MIND"(in 1999) and an official CD "THE FINAL FRONTIER" (NMC 2000). Participated in the following groups: the Black Metallers "CHAINED AND DESPERATE", the deathsters "OBDUKTION" , the power-prog metallers X-Piral (recorded for "Grave New World" EP), the "Masterbation" Metallers "ANORIMOI", the funk-soul cover band "FUNKEY" and many more as guest or session musician (i.e. the virtuoso guitarist THEODORE ZIRAS, KINETIC,Bigus Dickus, Herouveim Project22, among others). In FEBRUARY of 2006, accepted Stathis Pavlantis' invitation to become a full member of one of his favourite bands. Since then he has joined forces with "REFLECTION", several times on stage,either headlining or supporting some of the world's famous acts (such as Solitude Aeturnus, Titan Force, Tokyo Blade, Brocas Helm etc) and he is "responsible" for the "When Shadows Fall" (2008,Cruz Del Sur) and "Bleed Babylon Bleed" (2017,Pitch Black records) basslines. Have been a member of "" jamming band, for two years in a row, playing for charity concerts (such as in 2010, for the "Medecins Sans Frontieres" organization), while he co-organized the whole events.In 2011, established "Fire and Steel" (a Manowar tribute band) in order to honour their music.Fire and Steel has performed shows in some great festivals such as "Up the Hammers" in Greece (headlining th "warm up" day), Metal Magic festival in Denmark and Pepperock in Belgium. In 2014,joined Sorrowful Angels at their second tour as the band of the legendary ex-Iron Maiden singer, Paul Di'Anno. After the tour, he became S.A.'s bass player and is responsible for the basslines of "Remedie" album. At the moment he is a bass tutour giving both theory and bass private lessons,while performing live with Reflection, Fire And Steel (Manowar Tribute band), Sorrowful Angels and many others as a session bass player...

Stathis Pavlantis : Guitars ,George Thomaidis : Vocals, John Litinakis : Bass, Iraklis Loukakis : Keyboards, George Pavlantis : Drums Pitch Black Records is thrilled to announce its 50th album release with the signing of legendary Greek Epic/Doom Metal act REFLECTION!

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