The founding member and singer, guitarist, composer of Deviser, Matt Chnaras, is recognised as one of the pioneers of the Greek black metal scene. Born in Crete island, he has lived in Athens since 1992. He was, also, the booking agent and production manager for Astra Music and High Voltage concert organizers. He also worked at Unisound Records for a few years in early ‘90s. Produced, mixed and mastered some releases, including Deviser’s third album Running Sore.

Black Death and Thrash Metal band founded in 1989 in Crete, Greece. They moved to Athens in 1992, a mini tour took place in Greece and Holland (Dec. '94) and later on, in the next year, they released "Thy blackest Love" demo and started their career by signing up with the Dutch label Mascot Records

Deviser vocals guitar bass (1989-present)
• 1994 The Revelation Of Higher Mysteries 7” ep
• 1996 Unspeakable Cults
• 1998 Transmission To Chaos
• 2002 Running Sore
• 2011 Seasons Of Darkness
• 2019 Howling Flames ep
Deviser Feat. Sakis Tolis - Black Mass - Official Video Clip

A band with a long history and its roots in the purest are to discover a perfect mixture of aggression and melody.Founded in 1989 in Crete Greece and stamped by a primitive thrash/death metal style.
Athens Greece
Phone: +30

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