Chris  Zindros is a musician born and raised in Volos/Thessaly.

Chris studied bouzouki,electric guitar and classical harmony in the municipal conservatory of N.Ionia/Volos where he graduated in 2003.In the last years his musical explorations include a variation of instruments such as drums,oud,saz,eastern percussion and of course Bass in parallel with his studies on computer science in Ioannina.His current field of action includes : Bass player and composer/arrangements in Absinthiana (Progressive/Post Metal), folk string instruments,eastern percussion and founding member of Stihovoli (Traditional with modern rock and electronica elements), Drums and arrangements in Aenaon (Avant-garde Black Metal), Drums in Septuagint (Orthodox Black/Death Metal)
Past Bands:
Chaos Virtue(technical death metal),Emfani Garyfalla(comedy),Celestial(melodic death metal).
Also he maintains a personal youtube channel which he keeps updated with his live performing action and many more.
Absinthiana - Absinthiana EP (2013) / Bass guitar
Aenaon - Extance LP (2014) / Drums
Aenaon - Er 7' split / Drums
Stihovoli - Volta single (2014) / eastern percussion,folk string instruments
Emfani Garyfalla - Glukos Peirasmos V.A. (2009) / Bass guitar
Celestial - The Nocturnal Quest demo (2004) / Electric guitar
Celestial - Crimson portrait (2003) / Electric guitar
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Greetings! I am Nycriz and i am a musician.In my page you one can find info about what music genres i'm involved into as well as what instruments i play.Also a list of my discography,session gigs,collaborations and guest appearances and most important of all there will be videos uploaded frequently with myself performing live or doing playthroughs on bass,drums and other instruments.If you are interested in collaborating with me or you are looking for a drummer,bassist or folk instrumentalist for live gigs or studio recordings contact me for more info.

Absinthiana is a progressive metal band from Greece formed in 2011.The band’s first piece of music is included in “ABSINTHIANA EP” which was released on 2013.

Since then, the composition of new material has begun, forming the first full length album of the band called "STRUCTURAL”.The album is released on August 28th,2017.

Contact with Chris on Social Media
This is the band's first EP.
Drums and acoustic guitars recorded at Infinite loop music studio. Vocals recorded at Panos Haralampidis' studio
Guitars , bass and growls recorded at John Memos' home studio.  Mixing and Mastering by John Memos and Absinthiana.

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