George Tselios is a Musician Guitar Teacher  Singer and Composer,

George Tselios was born in the city of Kozani in January 1987. From the early age of 12 he showed a special love for music and started playing electric guitar while taking private lessons on the instrument by Dimitris Giannopoulos. At the age of 14 he formed his first rock band where they played live performances with covers and original songs. After a few years of personal study and research at the age of 18 he began studying at the Municipal Conservatory of Kozani. He is an excellent graduate in Harmony of Music with professor-violinist-composer Maria Karagianni, he holds an excellent Degree and Diploma in Classical Guitar with professor the distinguished Soloist Fotis Koutsothodoros and he is a graduate of the Department of Balkan, Slavic and Eastern Studies of the University of Macedonia. He also holds a RSL Rock School Degree (Grade 8) in Teaching and Performance in Electric Guitar. At the age of 20, the need for singing arose, he began taking lessons  for 3 years in a row, initially with Soprano Virginia Gaitatzi in Classical singing,then with Teacher-Vocalist John Jeff Touch in Modern singing, and finally  with the distinguished professor of  Royal Academy of Music Ross Campbell. Next he showed great interest for  Contemporary Music which led him to take private lessons for Modern Music Composition  with the composer Lina Tonia. He also recently completed his studies in Songwriting from the Berklee College of Music. He attended numerous Classical,Jazz and rock seminars from  well-known artists such as Elena Papandreou, Gerhard Reichenbach, Theodore Kapilidis, Pat Martino, Greg Howe, Dimitris Lappas.

He currently works as a teacher of Classical and Electric Guitar in Thessaloniki and Athens in conservatories and in private level, he composes his own music, orchestrates-arranges from other instruments on the guitar ,such as piano or flute, collaborates with musicians, actors, directors and dancers- choreographers for the production of video clips of the original music that he often uploads on the Internet on his personal Social Media sites. Lastly he participates in musical productions and makes appearances as a soloist but also in collaboration with other artists.

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