Thrash  Death Metal band from Istiaia
Ignatios St. born in  istiaia, a small town in North Evia .
He  started playing bass in the age of 15 inspired by Cliff Burton,Steve di giorgio, David Ellefson, Tony Choy and many more.
Is the main composer  and founding member  of  tech thrashers  SYPSIS. With SYPSIS they had release one Ep 'Hypnosis' in 2014 and an album 'Playground of the dead' in 2015.Before SYPSIS had an instrumental rock band called BLACK MAMBA and they had release one album  called 'Therapillusion' in 2011. He is playing ANTONIS PAPADOPOULOS handmade basses from the beginning of his music trip. Ignatios supports Bulk Strings

SYPSIS is a new Techno Thrash Metal band established in late 2012 by bass player Ignatios Stamatonikolos after the dissolution of the progressive rockers BLACK MAMBA. After one. Ep titled HYPNOSIS 2014 and an album entitled Playground of the dead 2015 we are in the final stretch of creating the next album. The band has the following composition:
Ignatios Stamatonikolos-Bass / Vocals,  George Stamatonikolos-Drums,  George Papastamoulos-Electric guitar

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