Dimitris Tairidis Jimmy Sinner  was born in Ptolemaida

Dimitris was born on 12-2 1980 in Ptolemaida! Almost self-taught on electric guitar, he also took classical guitar lessons for 2 years, later received his degree in harmony and has since continued as a self-taught only with the electric guitar First studio recording in 99 'with the first band to participate under the name DIVINE REQUIEM. The band's track The Great prophecy entered a collection then with other Greek bands in the area. He later joined Everflow from Ptolemaida and recorded their first album entitled Abandoned! At the same time he participated in an Anxiety demo with 5 Tracks entitled The Descent of the myriads! He also take place as solo guest appearance in Blade of spirit, Helgast and has presented 2 solo video tracks like Jimmy Sinner! Death bed visions instrumental and Chaos Reflections.


Everflow were formed back in 1999 as a means of free expression upon a music idioma called metal. Their musical infuences would vary upon almost everything so the last thing they wanted was to sound confusing. Since then Everflow realized that their one true calling could only come from such an outcome as power/prog metal would. So since 2000 , the date that the band became fully functional, Everflow are banging upon every given opurtunity to shed all of their in's and out's upon stage. Released some promo cd's that time just to make sure anyone would listen :P but it wasn't untill June 2007 that they've decided to make a full length album of their own. Recordings took place in Ptolemaida and in the lovliest studio there could be named "Ghost studios". Two years later they would mix and master in Thessaloniki and , of course , everything is finally ready. So up we go for 2009 , trying to be unique their own way , Everflow are chasing every chance they can get their hands on. Stay tuned and hope we can meet

Jimmy Sinner

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