Founding  member of  the bands Stichovoli  and Programmed to Rock (PTR).

Guitar Teacher Session Player

James Basdanis is an electric guitarist from Volos which is based on the last 9 years the beautiful city of Ioannina.
He was a student of Stathis Chouliaris Leader of the Band Schema & Composer on electric guitar and classical harmony. He is playing as a professional musician for the last six years and for the third year teaches modern guitar with methods methods from the SMI. He is member of a historic band from Ioannina called Schema, founder member of Stichovoli and Programmed to Rock Project. Discography: 2009-Glykos Peirasmos song collection: with Emfani Garyfalla], 2010 Sick Enjoyment LP , 2012 Broken Angels Digital Single: with Schema About Bulk Strings: I choose bulk strings because they make the fretboard feel smoother to play and they stay vibrant as the first day of putting them on the guitar

Bulk strings are made with the best materials available. The core is in pure  steel, roundwounding is made with top nickel . Cleartone and lifetime are guaranteed.  We always work with the best A brands, so that you can build on a reliable and top quality system for years. For more information take up contact with our team.

Greek Guitarist founding member of the bands Stichovoli and Programmed to Rock (PTR). He has been a member as Guitarist of many projects and bands. He counts over 500 live concerts appearances in Greece and Australia, as well as several recordings and original compositions for theater and radio. Author of the international book “Anatolian Modes” Personal Discography:  KAEMOS album / 2019, The Lover (OST) 2019, Ekfrasi Theater, Lacrimosa Blue single / 2016


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Dimitris has attended the seminar "Pedagogy and Methodology in Teaching Musical Instruments" by Professors Helena Sφdermann and Konstantinos Prodromou of the Music Pedagogical Institute of Stockholm (SMI) . Since August 2017 he has been teaching Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Improvisation and Live Group Workshops in the Modern Department of Music School "Konstantinos Leontaris" KLMS Ioannina, Greece. He is member of the Global Music Teachers Community MGRmusic. Author of the international book “Anatolian Modes”. (Books). Winner of the Aplaud "Jazz Fusion" Contest 2019 James Basdanis 'Anatolian Trio' - Nihavent Sirto announced 16.01.20, Endorsements: Bulk Strings since 2012, custom Electric Guitar Strings Set. Electric strings deliver the great tone, durability and accurate intonation, these strings are made from nickel-plated steel wire wrapped around hexagon steel core wire and are manufactured to the highest tolerances to enhance your musical enjoyment and performance.