Bass player of  Funkin Basstards

Bass player, musician & producer since 2005. I studied in the IEK delta in the department of music technology and in the contemporary conservatory of Thessaloniki in the department of jazz rock where I got my diploma in electric bass, with professor Manolis Sideridis. Co-founder of Auditors Domination & Funkin Basstards. Played a lot of gigs & recorded in many albums as bass player, with many different bands - artists, different styles & great musicians. Some of the most important bands & artists are: Funkin Basstards, Knowone, Cayetano, Auditors Domination, Nikos Katikaridis, Meanwile in Mexico, Soulbox, Long live, Cultsa, Emigre, and many more, also as session player for gigs and recordings. Two of my most important moments was the opening act of Thievery Corporation with Auditors Domination at moni lazariston & the legendary Atlantics surf band from Australia with Meanwhile in Mexico, in Athens.
Groove Sexion

As i dig it deeper with Funkin Basstards & El-Zag, we created the Groove Sexion inc. A music production fellowship for Djs & Bands about funk & groovy music around the world! Funkin Basstards released their first single with Timewarp Music, their first LP with BreakBeat Paradise (BBP) & they cook their second LP, all with a lot of collaborations with great names as Mustafa Akbar (RIP), EVeryman, BNC & Dj Kid Stretch!

Bass player



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